Character Information




Make Model

Lux Motors Co. Piston Cup V8



Body Color

Red, black

Eye Color

Purple (Sometimes Blue)


Piston Cup Racer



Parents: Russell (father)

Cars: The Video GameEdit

Bashman is usually seen in 16th place in the five Piston Cup Races, he seems to speed up and go into the highest standing possible at the first second (though rarely breaks even 13th), but as soon as he is overtaken by the player, he, Banks, McCoy, and Cortland will all immediately hit their brakes and will be lapped just as the player starts their second lap, and then be lapped continuously after that. He however will upon being lapped seem to speed up ahead of the other cars in his "pack" and approach Henderson, but then will fall back again. He is not playable.


Bashman is red and black with Re-Volting as the sponsor. His number can be either 79 or 84 depending on the source.



  • He is a clone of Joltsen.
  • Bashman has a gray grille instead of a black grille, making him the only car to have this feature, although he does not have it on the Wii and Xbox 360.
    • Bashman and Aikens are the only cars to have their "own" grilles, although both happen to have them replaced with "normal" grilles in at least a single version of the game.
    • Only Bashman has his depicted on his icon, while Aikens is depicted with a "normal" grille.
  • If Bashman is overtaken by Banks, McCoy, Cortland, or the other car, they will become the car who keeps up with Henderson instead of Bashman.
  • Bashman is one of five NPCs whose livery has changed from what it was in the film, having had more white areas which have been turned red, various "+" designs removed, and some striping altered, presumably so the developers could save time on having to paint him. His game design also hugely ressembles that of Banks, except that he is colored red instead of blue.

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