Boostn' with fillmore contestants

Boostin' with Fillmore is a road race in Cars: The Video Game.

Story ModeEdit

Lightning comes up to Fillmore, seeing he is making a new batch of fuel. Lightning takes a sip, and it causes him to lose control, bursting with flames, Fillmore says he calls it "Super-Octane Boost Juice". Lightning asks if it'll help him go faster, but Fillmore challenges him to race to prove it.

In the end scene, they return to the Taste-In, with them talking about techniques. Fillmore says he'll keep brewing Boost Juice for Lightning free of charge, and receives a thanks from Lightning.


From the main road, take a left into the Nature Preserve. From there, take a shortcut under or cross the bridge and down into the desert, where you will keep driving between a normal road and a Super-Shortcut into the Drive-In Theater. Keep driving left back onto the main road, where you'll be back where you started.

Award Info Edit

The player will become able to use their first boost segment if they win the race. If they don't win, they'll still be unable to boost in events other than this one.

Trivia Edit

  • At all times when you begin this race, a tutorial screen telling you how to boost will appear.
  • The fastest CPU car will no matter what be Fillmore, as he is namesake for this race.
  • Super Octane Boost Juice is also mentioned in the PSP version of the game, in the opening scene, when the residents of Radiator Springs confront Boost, Wingo, DJ, and Snot Rod. Mater sees a can of fuel lying by them, and he drinks it, just to find huge flames firing from his exhaust pipe. Fillmore copies his quotes from the console versions, saying "Good stuff, huh? I call it my Super-Octane Boost Juice.".