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Unknown, possibly an ally of Chick Hicks



Children: Mater (grandson)

Cars: Mater-National Championship Edit

Bubba does not actually appear, but has been added to the game as a playable character via modding.

Bubba vs. Lenny and Tommy Joe

Cars: Race-O-Rama Edit

Bubba explains that long ago, he and Mater agreed to race at Rustbucket Stadium for the towing rights of Radiator Springs. He, along with the two Taters appear in various cut scenes along with Mater. Bubba later competes against him in his namesake event, Bubba's Bucket Bash, where after losing, he is forced to leave, but the Taters stay, having become Mater's friends. He will be unlocked as a playable character once Bubba's Bucket Bash is beaten.

World of Cars Storybook Edit

He appears in the story "Hoodwinked", in which he threw Mater's hood in a tree, and later, Mater challenges him to a backwards race, Bubba lost, and subsequently stopped bullying Mater and his three cousins Judd, Cletus, and Buford. Bubba also had a following diecast release.

Cars:IGNITE Remake Edit

Although Bubba is not confirmed yet, it is highly possible that he will be playable character.

Livery Edit

Bubba is orange with a gray tow hook and a two-piece grille like Wingo.

Personality Edit

As the storybook suggests, Bubba is very mean to most smaller cars, and he has even been shown to boss the Taters around, and like Chick Hicks and Boost, tends to vow revenge.

Abilities Edit

Bubba is one of few dis-abilitied characters, being the largest non-monster truck character in the game, meaning he may not be able to access areas smaller cars can, but on his good side, he also can block off enemies from passing him. He also possesses a smokescreen that can blind his foes.

Gallery Edit


Cars: Race-O-Rama

Icon BUB a

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Trivia Edit

  • Bubba, Judd, Cletus, and Buford are the only video game-only characters to have diecast releases, all are also from Hoodwinked of the World of Cars. Bubba is available only in a 2-pack with a Brand New Mater, at a production sale of 3000.
    • Bubba is the only one of those four cars whose physical appearance does not change on their diecast.
  • Bubba is only playable in Smash Ups in the PS2 version of the game. While he is playable in almost all events in other versions.
  • Bubba is the biggest non-monster truck character to be playable in the game, but usually does not have much trouble compared to smaller cars.
  • Bubba is the only boss character in the game to be raced against using a character other than Lightning.
  • Bubba's name means "Brother".
  • Bubba has dirt on all of his alternate paint jobs, but not on his standard one.

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