Cars:IGNITE' (Also called Cars:IGNITE Remake and Cars:REIGNITE) is a fangame being made by wikia user Swartz27, development began on March 3rd 2015, and has been going until being paused for other work on November 4th 2015 (and presumably discontinued). The first version's release date is unknown. A single video exists, uploaded on June 24th 2015. More about the game can be read on


Logo made by Superbaddy4

Confirmed Information Edit

Confirmed Characters Edit

  • Lightning - Only Playable Character in first beta version, Model Showcased, was played as in video
  • Mater - Model Showcased
  • Sally - No pictures or footage available yet
  • Sarge - Model Showcased, "Main Storyline Character"
  • Luigi - Model Showcased, appeared as opponent in video

Gallery Edit

Cars IGNITE Pre-pre-pre alpha AI player

Cars IGNITE Pre-pre-pre alpha AI player

25 second pre-alpha clip