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Cheat Codes are a feature in the Cars video game series. They can be entered from the main menu to give boosts and unlock content easier. Here is a list of all known codes/functions, and codes that were rumored to exist, but do not.

Cars: The Video Game[]

  • VROOOOM: Unlimited Boost
  • IMSPEED: Super Acceleration
  • YAYCARS: Get all playable cars
  • R4MONE: Get all paintjobs
  • MATTL66: Get all tracks
  • IF900HP: Unlock everything
  • WATCHIT: Get all movie clips
  • CONC3PT: Get all Concept Art
  • TRGTEXC: Unlock secret events (they are unlocked default on Xbox 360)
  • Type CHMPION as a profile name before starting the game to unlock the hard mode of the game

Cars: Mater-National Championship[]

  • ZZOOOOM: Infinite Boost
  • 0TO200X: Super Acceleration
  • VRYFAST: Unlock Expert Difficulty
  • ALLYORS: Unlock Everything
  • MATTEL07: Unlock all playable characters
  • PAINTIT: Unlock all paint jobs
  • PLAYALL: Unlock all events
  • BUYTALL: Unlock all concept art
  • INSTYLE: Unlock all wheel sets

False Codes[]

Unused (Found in the coding)[]

  • SCENZ4U: Possibly would have made cut scenes replayable, like in the first game

Cars: Race-O-Rama[]

  • GOLDKEY: Unlock all story mode events
  • SLVRKEY: Unlock all arcade mode events
  • GR8MODS: Unlock all of Lightning's customizations
  • EVRYBDY: Unlock most characters (referred to as "McQueen Friends")
  • CARSHOW: Unlock all paint jobs
  • 2FAST: Infinite Boost
  • DBLTAKE: Unlock all of Lightning's Paint Jobs
  • STICKERS: Unlock all of Lightning's alts (except Wide body Lightning)

Cars 2: The Video Game[]

  • 959595 - Unlock all modes and all tracks
  • 123456 - Start Battle Races with Satellite Laser
  • 721953 - Unlimited Turbo

False Codes[]

  • 102938 - Unlock all characters from the first Cars film

Cars:IGNITE Remake[]

Cheat Codes were confirmed to be a feature, although none had ever been revealed.

Cars 3: Driven to Win[]

Cheat Codes do not return in this game.


  • The PC version of Cars: The Video Game is the only installment where cheat codes can be typed in using the keyboard. On the other games, you have to scroll through letters and numbers by clicking, which can be very stressful if the game tends to crash a lot.
  • In some versions of Cars: The Video Game (confirmed not on PS2 and Wii), and all versions of Cars: Mater-National Championship, and Cars: Race-O-Rama, cheat codes remain permanent (except for VROOOOM, IMSPEED, ZZOOOOM, 0TO200X, IF900HP, VRYFAST, and 2FAST).
  • Entering VROOOOM in the first game instantly gives the player 3 boost segments, no matter how many they had at the time.
  • The code "MATTEL07" in Mater-National is a reference to both Mattel, who runs the Disney/Pixar Cars Diecast Line, and the year the game was released.