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Name: Chick Hicks Gender: Male

Occupation: RSN Announcer

Color: Green

Eye Color: Brown

Siblings: Natalie Certain, Chuki, Lizzie, and Mia & Tia (sisters)

Parents: Flo (mother), Doc Hudson (father-in-law)

Grandparents: Mack (grandfather), Miss Fritter (grandmother)

Age: 39

Make Model: 1979 Shyster Cremlin

Voice: Bob Peterson

Personality Edit

Chick is extremely rude and selfish, and tends to wreck any car who tries to beat him, as others call it cheating. He has even went as far as to overthrow Radiator Springs. After he retired sometime between Cars 2: The Video Game and Cars 3: Driven to Win, he began to call himself "Former and Forever Piston Cup Champion".  


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