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2004 Scion XB


Bad (Good in Cars: The Video Game DS)

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E.J. Holowicki

Children: Laa Laa & Po (daughters)

Cars: The Video GameEdit

DJ first appears where he and the other Tuners are beaten in a race. During the High Speed Heist minigame, DJ is assigned by Chick Hicks to steal Lightning's gear. he helps by putting Mack to sleep by playing a song so Boost can get onto his roof. He is later caught by Lightning and arrested. He is only playable in the PSP version of the game.

Cars: Radiator Springs AdventuresEdit

DJ must be caught by Sheriff in level 2 of "Speed Trap".

Cars: Mater-National Championship Edit

Although DJ does not actually appear on the game, a bit of playable data for him has been found. He was later added to the game as a playable character through modding.

Cars 2: The Video Game Edit

DJ appears only in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions as a playable character that must be purchased in a $3 DLC along with Boost, Wingo, and Snot Rod.

Cars: Fast as Lightning Edit

DJ is a playable character, unlocked once Wingo's track is completed. Completing his track will unlock Boost.


DJ is blue with a lightning bolt on his side and a subwoofer installed into him, with loudspeakers covering most of his body.

Personality Edit

DJ is highly aggressive and confident, and although friendly towards the other DRH, Chick, and Ramone, he is extremely rude towards most other cars, especially Lightning, and also can get goofy around cars he considers "victims" like Mack.

Abilities Edit

DJ's main ability is the fact that he is a boombox on wheels. He will usually play rough punk music when driving or blocking a road with his gang, but in certain situations, he will play a soft, soothing melody, which can make any other car (except Sheriff, who somehow isn't affected) who hears it fall sleep in a matter of seconds. The meter on his rear that picks his CDs will usually determine which songs are on, it is usually turned right, but turns left in order to play the song that puts his foes to sleep.


  • DJ's ability to put others to sleep with a song could be a reference to Pokémon, where Jigglypuff can make others fall asleep by singing.
  • Although the game makes you control him in High Speed Heist, you can't play as him in any other event. (except in the PSP version where he is fully playable)



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