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1954 Jaguar XK120SE



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Children: Pac-Man and Spiral (sons), Cylindria (daughter)

Cars: The Video GameEdit

Story ModeEdit

In story mode, Fletcher and his colleague Gerald came to Radiator Springs to compete against Lightning. After meeting El Guapo and Papo, the two groups of friends quickly form a rivalry against each other, leading into arguments such as if "looking the part" is a requirement to win races. He also appears as an opponent in the races Radiator Springs Grand Prix, Radiator Cap Circuit, North Desert Dash, Tailfin Pass Circuit, and Radiator Springs GP, along with also appearing in exploration mode in Radiator Springs and later Tailfin Pass. In arcade mode, he is unplayable.

Cars: Mater-National Championship Edit

Fletcher appears in Race "N" Chase 1, Wheel Well Circuit, and Team Relay 3. He still is not playable. He also makes a cameo in the cut scene for Big and Strong Again along with Mike and Sulley.

Livery Edit

Fletcher is green with a red 3 on his right door. His rims are usually red, but are black in very certain versions of the games, he is also painted a very unusual shade of green in these versions.

Personality Edit

Although verbally he seems to be neutral with Lightning, he happens be very dark and gives Lightning very rude looks and happens to taunt his enemies upon passing them and will threaten them if they pass him, very similar to Tommy Joe, Cletus, and Zeke.

Abilities Edit

Fletcher has various abilities and says he has learned some at University. Despite being very big and somewhat generic, he is able to top very light and sleek cars like Gerald and Sonny.



Fletcher waits for the player at Flo's before they beat Radiator Cap Circuit.

Fletcher and Gerald

Fletcher with Gerald in a cut scene

Fletcher radiator springs gp

Fletcher in the first race of Cars: The Video Game

Fletcher Icon

Cars: The Video Game Status Icon


Fletcher in Wheel Well Circuit of Cars: Mater-National Championship

Fletcher PS3

Fletcher's odd color (Cars: Mater-National Championship PS3)

Fletcher black rim

A close-up of a black rim (also Cars: Mater-National Championship PS3)

Play as Fletcher

Playable using Mods, also note Chick Hicks Academy Student as an opponent.

Icon FLE a

Cars: Mater-National Championship Status Icon

Trivia Edit

  • In Cars: Mater-National Championship, he and Lightning were crossed to make another non-playable character named Philip.
  • When viewed very closely from a distance in the Wii version of Cars: The Video Game, a very faint black stripe can be seen on his trunk.
  • He appears as an opponent in the first race of Cars: The Video Game, which was in Lightning's dream. In real life, it is impossible for anyone to dream of any face they have not seen before, meaning Lightning could not have drempt of Fletcher until after the next race in the story.
  • Fletcher and Lightning are the only cars to appear in both the first game on X360 and Mater-National on PC and not use the same 3D models in both games.
  • One of Fletcher's quotes says "Ahh, to be young and British.", though according to his make model's year, he would be at least 52 years old during the events of the first game.
Fletcher Black Stripe

Fletcher's black stripe visible.


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