Parents: The Queen (mother)

Character Information




Make Model

Lux Motors Co. Piston Cup V8



Body Color

Orange (sometimes red)

Eye Color

Yellow or blue


Piston Cup Racer


Angel Oquendo

Henderson is a Piston Cup Car who falls back and tries to block Lightning McQueen so Chick Hicks and the other fast cars will beat him.

Cars: The Video GameEdit

In the 5 Piston Cup Races, Henderson is usually seen in the 14th or 15th position. He is not playable, although there was once a rumor he was.


Henderson is orange (red on the Wii) with small black and yellow areas, sponsored by Octane Gain. His number can be either 63 or 58. By the events of Cars 3, Henderson has changed alot, just like how Lightning has, he is now purple and orange with the number 19.



  • Like all other NPC stock cars, he is a clone of Joltsen.
  • Henderson is one of four cars who is never mentioned by the announcer, either by name or number.
    • However, due to the number changes on the Xbox 360, the "number 58" mentions directed at Medford (who is still mentioned by name) now refer Henderson.
  • Henderson is one of the few cars who had a different color in the game than in all the other media he appears in, now being a more deep orange, this was presumably to avoid confusion with McCoy, who was exactly the same color.
    • On the Wii, his color is deepened even more, to the point where he actually turns red.
    • However, Banks and Lee Jr have the same blue, and Banks is only deepened on the Wii and Xbox 360, which means Henderson may have been deepened for different reasons.
Henderson & McCoy

Diecasts of the two cars, note the indentical shade of orange.


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