Name: Hollister

Gender: Male

Occupation: Piston Cup Racer

Color: Yellow, Black, White

Eye Color: Green

Parents: The Queen (mother)

Children: Elizabeth & Dave (daughter and son)

Enemies: ???

Age: 34

Make Model: 2006 Dodge Charger NASCAR

Cars: The Video Game Edit

Hollister appears in the Piston Cup Races, usually placing 5th (and up to 3rd in one race), but when not in the top 5, he places as low as 15th. He is not playable and is a clone of Joltsen.


Hollister is yellow, black, and white with the number 282, sponsored by Leak Less, his rear bumper reads "ADULT DRIP PANS" and "WATCH YOUR WHEELS!".


Trivia Edit

  • 2 Hollisters appear in Motor Speedway of the South, the slower one is actually Aikens in disguise, as proven in the Wii version where there is properly just one Hollister.
  • Hollister and Guenther are the only NPCs to have their sponsor written on their spoilers on the Wii and X360 versions of the game.
  • Hollister is the only car to have two different bumper texts, both of which are present on all versions.
  • On all versions except the Wii and Xbox 360, Hollister loses the sponsor name on both sides of his trunk, making him the only car to have this detail.
  • Hollister is the only NPC to start in the inner row of cars in his top 5 appearances.
  • Hollister and Lee Jr are the only cars to have a different facial expression and a close-up of them in one of the race opening scenes, although modders have been known to change this and make other cars appear in their specified spots and take the close-up instead.
    • Hollister is also the only car to have both a front and rear close-up within the five race opening scenes.
  • Hollister has the highest number of any known Piston Cup Racer, but loses to Sarge for the highest number in the franchise.
  • In some alternative languages, Hollister's altered name has the "Jr" suffix, while Lee Jr does not.
  • Hollister's number changes to 52 (Joltsen's number) on his status icon on most versions, and in the Xbox 360 game intro.
    Hollister 52

    Number 52 visible for a single frame.


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