Lee Jr
Lee Jr
Character Information




Make Model

Lux Motors Co. Piston Cup V8



Body Color

Blue, red, white

Eye Color

Yellow (blue on X360)


Piston Cup Racer



Parents: Flo (mother)

Children: Lizzie & Cruz Ramirez (daughters)

Cars: The Video GameEdit

Lee Jr is a Piston Cup race car. He often places 1st to 5th place, also notably being the only car to outspeed the other two top 5 NPCs in two races, and is the only car to both be one of the fastest cars, and never normally place lower than 10th. He swaps numbers with Guenther in the Xbox 360 Version of the game. He is a clone of Joltsen, and as that implies, he is not playable.


Lee Jr is blue, white, and red, sponsored by Lil' Torquey Pistons. His number can be either 101 or 117.



  • Lee Jr and Hollister are the only two cars to have a close-up of them and a unique facial exprssion in one of the race opening scenes, although Mods are known to exist that make other cars appear in these specified spots to steal their close-ups.
  • In Motor Speedway of the South, (on all versions except for the Wii) there are two Lee Jrs. The other one is actually the absent Riley.
  • Lee Jr is the only car who within each of his three top 5 appearances has all three different Top 5 Piston Cup NPC voice sets applied to him, while the other cars who are in the top 5 more than once (Suregrip, Hollister, Riley, and Joltsen) all have the same voice more than once.
  • Lee Jr's name is never shown correctly. On normal versions, there is no period at the end, while on the GBA version, there is a period, but there is a comma at the end of "Lee".

The close-up in Palm Mile Speedway's opening scene.


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