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Lightning McQueen
Character Information




Make Model

1 of a kind Handmade car



Body Color

Red/yellow (Cars: The Video Game), maroon/white (other games)

Eye Color



Piston Cup Racer


Owen Wilson (Cars: The Video Game, Cars: Fast as Lightning), Keith Ferguson (all other games)

Lightning McQueen is the main protagonist in all three main installments before Cars 2, and is usable in Arcade Mode.

Children: Lizzie (daughter), Luigi & Guido (sons)Edit

Spouse: Sally Carrera (wife) Edit

Cars:IGNITE Remake Edit

Lightning McQueen is a confirmed character. His 3D model for the game was showcased, and he later appeared in a 25-second pre-alpha clip where he was being played as against an AI-controlled Luigi on a demo track. There also is some questioning that Sarge will be the main character instead of him.


Cars: The Video Game Edit

  • Speed: 1
  • Acceleration: 1
  • Handling: 1
  • Stability: 1

Cars: Mater-National Championship Edit

In this game, he is the strongest chracter.

  • Boost: 5
  • Acceleration:5
  • Handling: 5
  • Stability: 5

Cars 2: The Video Game Edit

  • Speed: 50
  • Power: 50

Livery Edit

Lightning McQueen's livery has changed throughout the series, in Cars: The Video Game, he is painted red with a yellow bolt, but in the next two games, he is a more maroon color with a design similar to Philip. After Cars 2, he was changed to his "WorldGrandPrix" design, losing his Rust-Eze decals and having his spoiler changed.

Personality Edit

Lightning McQueen was originally (and in Cars: Hi Octane) depicted as a self-centered "One-Man Show", but he has later changed and has friends other than his fans and Mack. Changes like these also happen to most other main protagonists in their respective series.

Abilities Edit

Lightning is shown to have a very large number of abilities, such as Powersliding, Boosting, Jumping, and even driving backwards. But he is shown to have had to be tutored these moves by older, wiser cars such as Mater, Doc, Fillmore, and Sarge. There also are some abilities he has normally, such as being able to picture cars he has not seen yet in his dreams. He has a total of 900 horsepower.


Trivia Edit

  • Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks are the only known Piston Cup Racers to have their number printed on their right taillight, while every other one either lacks it or has it on their left taillight (except The King, Doc Hudson and Darrell Cartrip)
  • Lightning McQueen and Vince are the only cars to have a confirmed horsepower.
  • Lightning McQueen and Fletcher are the only cars to appear in both the Xbox 360 version of Cars: The Video Game and the PC version of Cars: Mater-National Championship, but not use the same 3D model in both games.
  • In real life, Lightning McQueen is young having 12 years old.

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