Monster Truck Mayhem is the sole Monster Truck race of Cars: The Video Game.

Monster Truck Mayhem

The three Monster Trucks in the cut scene

Story Mode Edit

Lightning comes to see Luigi and Guido, who are fightning over a stack of tires, but stop when they see Lightning, who asks for a new set of tires to face "these guys in town that wanna race me". They think he wants whitewalls, but he says he needs "something a little bigger", and then Count Spatula, The Crippler, and Ginormous appear, Luigi and Guido get extremely scared. C. Spatula says to come over, he will flatten them like a pancake, The Crippler says they can't hide, and Ginormous simply unleashes a loud screech. Luigi says he has the tires, and Guido makes Lightning a monster truck. He now is able to scare The Crippler and Ginormous, but Count Spatula says he needs Mental Fortitude. The race then begins.

After the race, Mater is seen, saying it was fuh-un! But Lightning comes over and screams "WHAT DID YOU SAY, PUNY TOW TRUCK?!", and Mater says the race is over and that he can stop his yelling.

Track Edit

The track is a very small 12-lap race inside the Rustbucket Stadium that splits at the first turn and reforms at the second, with a few ramps.

Trivia Edit

  • Only Monster McQueen and Count Spatula are playable in arcade mode in this event, meaning no car can be played as in both this event and those in Tailfin Pass.
  • Monster Truck Mayhem, Ornament Valley Circuit, and Chick's Challenge are the only road races to have non-recurring NPCs on their loading screens.
    • Monster Truck Mayhem is the only one to have only non-recurring NPCs on it's screen (Count Spatula would not be playable in the later games).