Ornament Valley Airport is a road race set at the location the race is named after.


The cars lining up

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Track Edit

The track starts along the main road, and then splits off into the airport, with a very wide road with crates, sand piles. and ramps scattered all over. Cars then enter a hangar, they can take the normal route, or a secret route hidden along the ceiling, which is a longcut. After leaving, they drive along an area on the runway directed by walls. They then enter a crater, and return to the starting line. The whole race has no shortcuts.

Award Info Edit

An easy win on this track provides 8 Bolt Banners and later 8000 points.

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Results screen

Trivia Edit

  • There is a confirmed glitch where if an opponent is pushed into the RV Park, which is located directly off of the final turn, they will skip an entire lap and will win no matter what. This also occurs in Team Relay 2.