The event's loading screen

Ornament Valley Circuit is a road race in Cars: The Video Game.

Story ModeEdit

Lightning approaches the gang, Vince says that he's "that Lightning McQueen guy", and Barry says the four of them are from Queens, but Vince says to be cool. He says "If you wanna be the best, first you's gotta beat the best." and the rest of the gang laughs. Vince then threatens Lightning that he will throw down with him, Barry wants to see it happen, but Sonny pounds his hood, and they all go silent. Lightning says he accepts their "opportunity".


The track starts out on the main road and turns into the "turkey" and loops around back onto the main road by the railroad tracks. Racers are then taken into the back of the valley which consists of sharp curves until exiting and taking a straightaway that leads back to the finish line.

Gallery Edit

Ornament Valley Circuit

The gang as they appear in the cut scene.


Results screen

Trivia Edit

  • When Vince drives up in Lightning's face, Barry and Lenny can be seen aside him. Lenny is angirly revving his engine, but Barry is completely motionless, a mistake by the developers.
  • This is Lenny's only road race appearance in the first game, Chick Hicks replaces him in every later race that has the Queens Gang.
  • Ornament Valley Circuit, Monster Truck Mayhem, and Chick's Challenge are the only events to feature non-recurring NPCs on their loading screens.