Radiator cap circuit

The 5 cars about to line up.

Radiator Cap Circuit is a road race in Cars: The Video Game.

Story ModeEdit

In the cut scene, Lightning approaches Fletcher and Gerald, who are at Flo's, looking for a race against him. Lightning introduces himself, but Fletcher doesn't, he only introduces Gerald as his colleague. The two British Cars say they "hopped across the pond" (later confirmed in the second game to refer the Atlantic Ocean). El Guapo and Papo then join in, saying they have also come for a challenge. The race then begins.


The race starts out in the main road. After taking a left past the courthouse, there is a sharp turn past the Nature Preserve, a small shortcut, and up towards the "Radiator Cap". After drivng up the hill, racers drive back down past Sarge's Compound and back onto the main road.

Gallery Edit

Fletcher and Gerald

Fletcher and Gerald in the event's cut scene.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Fletcher is the fastest car in story mode, Mater will no matter what be the fastest car in arcade mode.
    • This is the only race where a car that has no relation to the event is permanently the fastest car in arcade mode.
  • Radiator Springs Circuit was made exactly identical to Radiator Cap Circuit, other than that it takes a newly added two-way cut and heads back into a trench which was nothing more than a spare road with nothing to collect or race on in the first game.