The race lined up in the cut scene

Rustbucket Race-O-Rama is the sole Rustbucket Race.

Finishing Positions Edit

Lightning sees Mater charging into a pile of tires and crates, and says it's practice for his race. After telling Lightning that Rustbucket Races are a family tradition, he is introduced to Tommy Joe, who gives him a "hoodbutt" as a way of saying "howdy!". Mater asks if Lightning will help, but he sits out.

After Mater finishes the race, Lightning says he's missing a tooth. But Mater says he had no teeth there before, and that he won a boost tank. Lightning deems the Rustbucket abuse, but Mater says it was fun.


The track is a figure-8 located inside the Rustbucket Stadium. The turns are banked and if you don't stay on the inside, you'll cling to the wall and crash. The race is 12 laps long.

Award Info Edit

The player will win their second boost segment for winning this race.

Trivia Edit

  • In arcade mode, the player can only play as Mater or Lightning.
    • Also in arcade mode, the opponents will be exactly the same cars in the same positions, just like the Piston Cup Races.
  • The boost tank Mater gives to Lightning perfectly matches one worn by Boost.
  • There is a confirmed glitch where sometimes, a CPU car can complete a lap in 4 seconds.
  • This is the shortest 12 lap race in the game, shorter than any of the Piston Cup Races.
  • There is a possibility that Cars: Race-O-Rama was named after this very event.
  • In the PSP version of the game's opening scene, Mater copies his quote from the cut scene of Rustbucket Race-O-Rama, shouting "I'm a real racing car now!" after drinking Fillmore's Super Octane Boost Juice.
  • This track is also known to be where an extremely rare phenomenon called a "Leaning Tower of Cousin" happens.
    Leaning Tower of Cousin

    The phenomenon as it happens.


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