Sheriff Icon

Name: Sheriff

Gender: Male

Occupation: Radiator Springs' Police

Color: Black, White

Eye Color: Blue

Children: Lizzie (daughter), Red (son), Mater, Luigi & Guido (sons) Cruz Ramirez, Natalie Certain and Chuki (daughters), Grem (son) Chick Hicks & The King (sons) Ramone (son), Jackson Storm (son-in-law), Tomber (son)

Spouses: Sally Carrera (wife), Sarge (father-in-law), Acer (uncle-in-law), Flo (mother-in-law)

Enemies: Chick Hicks

Age: 69

Make Model: 1949 Mercury Cruiser

Voice: Michael Wallis

Personality Edit

Sheriff is usually shown to have bad blood with Lightning after he was first taken to the impound, but usually has spent his time with Doc and Flo. He usually will get bossy if someone does not do as he tells them, as he is Radiator Springs' highest authority.


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