Smasherville International Speedway is the fourth Piston Cup Race.

Final Positions Edit

Lightning is ready for the race, as he talks with Mack and Doc about getting his gear back from Chick's gang and not letting Chick's tricks mess up Lightning.

After arriving at the track, Lightning sees Chick in the pits, and they get into an argument about pulling out of the race. Joltsen appears, and Chick suddenly turns nice and wishes him best of luck, but then changes back after he drives away. Chick drives off and leaves Lightning surprised.

Darrell Cartrip is later shown with Chick and Lightning, about to announce the winner, but Chick demands a rematch, and Lightning says he has an idea, to do a "Radiator Springs Grand Prix" just like in his dream at the beginning of the game. Darrell agrees and says they will wrap up with one final Piston Cup Race. Chick then says to rute for him, and the scene ends.

Track Edit

The track is a small, though entirely banked Piston Cup stadium.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the shortest Piston Cup Race, an average lap takes just 17 seconds, and the whole race takes an average of just 3:50.
  • Along with Motor Speedway of the South, the race has a minor background flaw, stars are clearly visible, but they should not be due to their light being overpowered by the stadium's lights.
  • This is the only race where the files actually show that an NPC (Aikens) outspeeds Chick Hicks.
  • Due to the track's banking, this race has minor differences from the other four.
    • The starting positions of some of the cars can be misaligned as the cars that start on the outside column take turns sharper and get ahead of the cars on the inside column.
    • The non-Top 5 cars will much more easily misalign from their "normal" orders in their "packs", for example, Bashman will usually never be overtaken by Banks, McCoy, or Cortland in other races, but will very easily in this race.
    • The cars that perform best in the other four races (Doc and Chick Hicks) now do not perform as well, Lightning is now the best choice.
  • On all versions except for the Wii, there are two Clarksons, and as a result, Guenther is absent.
  • This is the only Piston Cup Race where Lightning is not seen entering Mack's trailer.
  • This is also the only race where another car other than Lightning and Mack appears in the scene where they are still in Radiator Springs.