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1971 Plymouth GTX 440+6


Bad, later Neutral

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Ally of Chick Hicks


Quinton Flynn

Children: Bulldozers (nephews)

Cars: The Video GameEdit

Sonny came to Ornament Valley from so-called "Queens" with Vince, Barry, and Lenny to help train and prepare the Piston Cup racer Chick Hicks for the new Piston Cup season. It isn't long before they meet McQueen, and get into a rivalry with him. He can't be played as.

Cars: Mater-National ChampionshipEdit

Sonny appears in Inside the Turkey, Team Relay 2, Stadium Race 2, and Team Relay 4. He again cannot be played as. Unlike the past game, he now does speak, having a single line in his sole cut scene appearance, the opening of Tailfin Pass.


Sonny is painted a strange grayish-pink color with the number 0. His most notable detail is his spoiler, which unlike most of it's kind where the folds face down, they face up (except on his artwork).

Personality Edit

Sonny is somewhat two-face, when not in a race, he actually seems to be rather shy, but when he is in a race or when he gets annoyed by Barry, he will surpass the attitude of Chick Hicks, even attacking his friends and saying his enemies will regret passing him "like sooner than now" and that their bumpers are his.

Abilities Edit

Although Sonny is quite small and actually somewhat adorable, he is much stronger than most others, being able to harshly wound Barry, who is the largest of the Queens Cars. In Cars: The Video Game, Sonny also is the only car to have enhanced physics, meaning he when AI controlled will almost always come in second, even if programmed to come in last.



Cars: The Video Game (PC)

Sonny Icon

Status Icon from Cars: The Video Game (Xbox 360)


Sonny against the gang


Sonny against Philip, Yuri, Lightning, and Luigi

Icon SON a

Status Icon from Cars: Mater-National Championship

Trivia Edit

  • His 3D model appears different in almost every version of every game. In Cars VG PC and Mater-National PS2, he has his "original" appearance, beta artwork not in either game shows him with a large air intake and a "normal" spoiler, where the folds face down (also having this appearance on his icon on all versions of Cars: The Video Game (except Xbox 360)), in the Xbox 360 version of Cars: The Video Game and PC Mater-National, he has smaller headlights, chrome around his tail lights, and a small air intake, he looks the same but does not have an air intake in Cars VG Wii.
  • Although Sonny appears in Tailfin Pass Circuit in story mode, he will not appear in that event in arcade mode.
  • Sonny has the lowest number of any car in the franchise.

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