The Upper Mine is a road race in Cars: Mater-National Championship.


The Cars lining up

Story Mode Edit

Track Edit

The track starts on a small extension of dirt, and enters a mineshaft, and exits as a very bumpy straightaway, ended by a very sharp turn with a small splitoff containing a Super-Shortcut, a more straight road, although it is not very lead-giving, it is deemed "Super" due to one of the game's harshest longcuts being right underneath, there are holes you may fall into and lose all you went up there for. An abandoned town with multiple paths lies in the way next. After another turn comes another similar shortcut with a straight and zig-zag road. It is exposed by a two-direction sign, therefore not making it a super-shortcut. Afterwards, cars pass through a second mineshaft and along a railed cliff, then they return to the starting line.

Main Causes of Loss Edit

  • The Upper Mine has the highest difficulty of any road race, and on higher difficulties, Vince or Tia can get up to 10 seconds ahead when on lower difficulty, the player would be up to 40 seconds ahead of them.
  • Minecarts are driving around on the rails in the two mineshafts, hitting them will drop your speed, so try to avoid them.
  • On the first shortcut, there are holes in the ground, falling in one will send the racer to a longcut that can cost up to 6 seconds to recover.

Award Info Edit

Winning will reward 12 Bolt Banners, and later 12000 points.

Gallery Edit


Results Screen


Tia and Barry on the first shortcut


Vince hitting a minecart

Trivia Edit

  • The Upper Mine is the only road race whose entire track has no connection with the explorable area.
  • This is Tia's only road race appearance in the second game.
  • This is the only road race where all four opponents are not playable.