70's Sedan

A 70s Sedan tourist.

The Tourists are characters in first 4 Cars Video Games that greet Lightning in exploration mode and holograms of which appear as fans in Stadium and Piston Cup Races. There are eight different kinds.



The Minivans are seen in Tailfin Pass.

70s Sedans

The 70s Sedans appear in Tailfin Pass.


The stationwagons are seen touring Radiator Springs. After you beat the story mode, they will stop appearing. They will still appear in some levels of Luigi To The Rescue though, like Mia and El Guapo.


The SUVs are seen throughout Ornament Valley. 2 also appear in the cut scene for Sarge's Boot Camp, where they are unable to complete Sarge's obstacle course.


The hatchbacks are seen touring Radiator Springs.

Modern Sedans

These more modern sedans are seen throughout Radiator Springs.


The RVs are seen touring Ornament Valley.

Pickup Trucks

These tourists are seen only in Cars: Race-O-Rama.


Cars: The Video Game

In the High Speed Heist and Lightning Strikes Back minigames, along with the 2 player version of Sheriff's Hot Pursuit, tourists appear as obstacles that players must avoid. The "types" section of this article applies to this game.

Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures

Tourists are seen as background characters in most cut scenes, and also are sometimes moved around in "Drive-in and out".

Cars: Mater-National Championship

Minivans and 70's Sedans appear in both Radiator Springs and Ornament Valley, while Hatchbacks and SUVs appear in Tailfin Pass. The Sedan also appears, but only as a cameo in the final end scene. Unlike the other games, they don't play a role other than backgrounding.

Cars: Race-O-Rama

They appear as obstacles in the Tokyo Mater event, along with their usual backgrounding role in exploration mode. A Tourist also marks where they player can enter Photo Op, and have a large number of variants not present in prior games.


Voice Actors

  • Minivan - Lou Romano
  • 70's Sedan - Jerry DeCapua
  • Hatchback/Stationwagon - (Both) Jennifer Hale
  • SUV -Joel McCrary
  • Modern Sedan - Nolan North
  • RV - E.J. Holowicki
  • Pickup Truck - UNKNOWN


  • They always appear wearing colors, which are actually fake. The game simpily wraps their default white texture in another color. The SUVs in the cutscene are noticably white and the game's developers forgot to apply this in Luigi To The Rescue. If they were playable, they would not have paint jobs.
  • According to game files, the RV is callled "Motorhome Notch".