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Tow Mater
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Make Model

1956 Chevrolet 4100 Tow Truck



Body Color

Blue (now rusted)

Eye Color



Tow Mater Towing & Salvage


Larry the Cable Guy

Tow Mater is the secondary protagonist of the Cars Video Game series.

Parents: Lightning McQueen (father), Sally Carrera (mother)

Cars: Mater-National Championship Edit

Mater has a very similar role, being controlled in Ghosting Mater, Tractor Tipping, and Rustbucket Races, once again racing against Tommy Joe, Lewis, Judd, Cletus, Buford, and Zeke, with Fred and Emma now included. A monster truck version of him is also created within the story and is controlled in Monster Truck races in story mode.

Cars: Race-O-Rama Edit

Mater again has a similar role, along with being your opponent in some road races. There are also three "Cars Toons" events based on the TV series where Mater has three different appearances called "El Materdor", "Mater the Greater", and "Tokyo Mater".

Cars 2: The Video Game Edit

Mater is one of the main playable characters, and has a few alts, such as "Materhosen" and "Mater Ivan", along with Mater the Greater and Tokyo Mater, which return from Cars: Race-O-Rama.

Cars: Fast as Lightning Edit

Mater is a playable character who is unlocked once Fillmore's track is completed. Completing Mater's track will unlock Flo. Instead of his alternates being Paint Jobs, he instead has Mater the Greater, Tokyo Mater, and several other costumes which can be unlocked.

Cars 3: Driven to Win Edit

Mater is again a playable character, and Mater the Greater also returns. It is speculated that more alts of him will be added later as DLC.

Cars:IGNITE Remake Edit

Mater is confirmed to be a playable character, his 3D model for the game was showcased.

Livery Edit

Mater is a small tow truck who was originally painted light blue with a silver tow cable, caution stripes on his rear, and "TOW MATER Towing & Salvage" on his door, but has since rusted and can be seen as being brown with very little blue areas. His license plate reads "A113", a common gag seen in Pixar media.

Personality Edit

Mater has a very large sense of humor, though is somewhat dumb and redneckish. He likes to do things such as "chase his hook" and share his fantasy.

Abilities Edit

Mater's main ability is to drive backwards, he was able to teach Lightning how to, and has referred to himself as "the world's best backwards driver". He also overall has simpily higher skill than other cars that he doesn't look like he can beat, such as how he bested Emma in Mater-National.


Cars: The Video Game Edit

  • Speed: 3
  • Acceleration: 4
  • Handling: 3
  • Stability: 4

Cars 2: The Video Game Edit

(Mater and his alts are the heaviest characters in the game)

  • Speed: 5
  • Power: 95



  • Mater has a gold tooth on some of his paint jobs on the PC version of Cars: The Video Game and PS2 version of Cars: Mater-National Championship, yet these are never depicted elsewhere.
  • In the cut scene of Radiator Springs GP, he and Darrell Cartrip met, but 5 years later in Cars 2, Darrell admited that he never met Mater
  • In Cars 2: The Video Game Mater is the slowest character in the game only having 5 of speed

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