Tractor Tipping is a minigame in Cars: The Video Game and Cars: Mater-National Championship. It involves Mater and Lightning tipping Tractors, like they did in the first Cars movie.

Objective Edit

The goal in this minigame is to tip all the Tractors while avoiding Frank and the spotlights before the time runs out. If you stay behind Frank or stand in the spotlight for too long, it will fill up a red warning meter, and he will get faster every time it fills up, but if you bump Frank or stand in his headlights, it will automatically fill up the meter and you will get caught. If you get caught, it will show the scene of Mater and Lightning running away from Frank, and the player will have to start over. In story mode, you control Mater, him and Lightning are the only characters to be playable in this event. It is set in an aerial perspective, and to move, you use the right turn, left turn, crouch, and raise controls.

Cars: The Video Game Edit

The game has a total of eight levels.

Cars: Mater-National Championship Edit

The objective is exactly the same as it was in Cars: The Video Game. There is also an addition of the gravel, where it will fill up Frank's "angry meter" if driven on for too long (unless the player drives very slowly). There are only 6 levels instead of 8.

Award Info Edit

In Cars: Mater-National Championship, the player receives a total amount of bolt banners for which number the level was (1 for Level 1, 6 for Level 6, etc.). Winnning all 6 will earn the player the "Anti-Frank" sticker. 1000 to 6000 points are rewarded for later wins.

Trivia Edit

  • In Cars: Mater-National Championship, Red can be seen in the background of Tractor Tipping 2, sitting next to a house in the background.
  • Also in Cars: Mater-National Championship, the Tractor that stands on one of the bridges in Tractor Tipping 6 will levitate if you push one of the signs next to it.
  • Frank will sometimes sink into the ground if the player looks closely.
  • In Mater-National, if the player does Tractor Tipping while they have the Camera Auto Re-center enabled, their camera will permanently become unable to re-center whether or not the option is on or off. The only way to fix it is to create a new profile.