Character Information




Make Model

Lux Motors Co. Piston Cup V8



Body Color

Blue, red

Eye Color

Green (Blue on X360)


Piston Cup Racer



Children: Leo (son), Anne (daughter)

Cars: The Video GameEdit

Turner appears in each Piston Cup Race, he usually will take the lead on the first lap, but once he approaches Bashman, Banks, McCoy, and Cortland's pack, he will slam his brakes, and starting from lap three, he will be repeatedly lapped for the rest of the race. However, there is one exception, in Sun Valley International Raceway, he is dropped down in Bashman's pack, meaning he will not take the lead, and remain back in 16th to 20th place. (although Mods exist that make him a top 5 car). Like all of the cars of his body, he is a clone of Joltsen and not playable.


Turner is blue with red stripes on his sides, and with tire tread designs. His number is 74 (79 on the X360 version) and his sponsor is Retread. He sometimes can be mistaken for Lee Jr. Some of his red areas (including his bumper and bottom sides) can vary by game version.


Trivia Edit

  • Turner is one of five cars (the others being Cortland, Bashman, Henderson, and Medford) whose main color is different in the film and game, having been a much more strange pale/purple color and having had thicker (and a higher total of) "treads" in the film.
  • Turner is the only car to never be in the top 5 and start on both the inner and outer row of cars.
  • Turner and Clarkson are the only cars to never place in the top 5 and appear in two different "packs", both sharing the same case where Chick Hicks is put in their usual 6th-10th pack spots and having them demoted to 20th place.
  • Turner, Buck, Guenther, and Zeb are the only cars to not have a unique pit road banner on the Wii version of the game.
  • In the first lap of Los Angles International Speedway, he can take the lead, however, once the lap is completed, he falls out of the top 5 and finishes 6th.

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