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Neutral (Bad in the second game)

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White, blue

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Children: Una (daughter), Dos, Tres and Cuatro (sons)

Cars: The Video GameEdit

Zeke is a demolition derby car that competes in the Rustbucket Race-O-Rama with his cousins, where he is usually found as the fastest car. The player cannot select him. He also is not a clone of one another, noting he has blue eyes and buck teeth, and Judd doesn't.

Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures Edit

Zeke appears in "Tow The Line" where Mater must tow him. Sometimes he appears with a pink or yellow stripe instead of a blue stripe, like how Lewis appears red with black stripes.

Cars: Mater-National ChampionshipEdit

Zeke is seen over at the Rustbucket Stadium in Ornament Valley, staring in awe at the new Rustbucket racer, Emma. He competes in Rustbucket races 1, usually placing third, still losing to Cletus, and 2, where he is the fastest car. He also appears in Race 1's cut scene, where when Mater says to "Act Natural", he towers up on the side of Mater and gets his side skidded by Lewis and Cletus. He also appears twice (very briefly) in the game's intro. He still is not playable.

Cars: Race-O-Rama Edit

Zeke appears in the first 3 Smash Up races where he is the fastest car in all of them, still unplayable.


Zeke is white with a blue stripe and the number 75.

Personality Edit

Zeke is very idiotic and humorous in a bad way, and like most other cousins, he tends to threaten his enemies such as that he'll take then apart or that they'll need an escort out of the stadium. Like Cletus, he seems to dislike crashing.

Abilities Edit

Zeke is seen as an expertisse derbist, tending to be the fastest car in every single story mode appearance except Rustbucket Race 1.



Cars: The Video Game

Zeke Icon

Cars: The Video Game Status Icon


Cars: Mater-National Championship


Zeke races against Cletus, Emma, Gudmund, and Yuri. (Modded)

Zeke Cameo 1

Visible for a single frame in the game's intro

Cousin Cameo

Zeke's second cameo with the other cousins.

Icon ZEKE a

Cars: Mater-National Championship/Cars: Race-O-Rama Status Icon

Zeke RoR

Cars: Race-O-Rama

Trivia Edit

  • In Cars: Mater-National Championship, Zeke's icon is smaller than those of the other cousins.
    • As opposed to this, Zeke's icon is larger than those of the other cousins in the PS2 version of Cars: Race-O-Rana, even though it is exactly the same one that was smaller than the others in Mater-National.
  • In the Wii version of Cars: Mater-National Championship, the developers forgot to replace Zeke's beta icon with a normal one, thus he is seen in a different pose and is larger than Cletus and Buford.
  • Zeke and Tommy Joe are the only cousins to have only one eye color.
  • On the Wii version of Cars: Race-O-Rama, Zeke's animation is glitched, meaning only a portion of his eyelid is visible.

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